A downloadable game for Windows

Hi, this is a typing drill game with a few unusual features.

  • It will integrate with the buttplug.io  open source sex toy driver system via the Buttplug Websocket Server to mirror your typing performance to any number of supported vibrators, including XBox360 controllers.
  • Users can provide their own texts, by dropping them in the appropriate folder. Texts can either be plain text files, or written in a subset of the Dada Engine Language for infinite-runner style play.
  • The program ships with two original short works by L. Scott Jose, as well as Lisa Wray's generative 50 Shades of Grey grammar, as seen here.
  • The program source code is available under an open, MIT licence.
  • It probably won't teach you anything about typing.


install-cbtet.exe 12 MB
cbtet-source.zip 2.5 MB

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